Milky "plastic"

María Rojo (Technology and Maths teacher)

As the 4th of E.S.O. students have turned 15 and 16 years old, they have realized that we must take actively care of our environment. So we looked for a possible solution to avoid the massive use of petroleum derivatives such as plastic.

We came up with the idea of transforming common products such as milk and potatoes into biodegradable “plastic” materials.

Nowadays, most of the companies related to renewable materials have important Research + Development departments working on this new product tests.

They have produced this ecological material in the lab just by mixing milk with vinegar in order to curdle it. Once they had the milk proteins coagulated, they added a bright colorant and we filtered the mixture. So they got a material with high plasticity. Afterwards, they gave it a nice shape using a metallic mold. They have to wait a few weeks for it to be dried up.

The students found it really interesting and it helped them to become aware of the different ways that we have to take care of our environment.

This project is part of the virtual cultural exchange that our school is accomplishing with the American High School Bryan Station in Kentucky.

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